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Simple. Powerful. Versatile.

The TandemLife Kit takes the complexity out of extracorporeal life support.

Why TandemLife?

Emergent severe life-threatening events, such as sudden cardiac arrest, severe respiratory distress, or traumas requiring immediate life-support, will strike more than a million Americans each year at any time or in any place. When these events occur, a rapid, easy to use device may be essential to survival. The market is already trending in this direction, but current extracorporeal life support systems have a level of complexity that may inhibit the use of the device.

TandemLife was designed with this issue in mind, the easy to prime pump and oxygenator will enable you to stabilize the patient quickly. TandemLife provides more than quick support, it gives you time to assess patients’ conditions and determine a more long term strategy. Leveraging the TandemLife platform during the acute event will enable a transition to a higher degree of support with the Protek line of cannulae.


  • Quick prime pump and oxygenator
  • Lightweight, space-saving controller
  • Multiple configuration possibilities

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Included Products

TandemHeart Pump

Experience bypass in the palm of your hand. The TandemHeart Pump can be used in the Cardiac Catherization Lab or the Operating Room in a vast variety of configurations

TandemLung Oxygenator

Think outside of the box. The TandemLung’s sleek design features patented radial flow technology lowering flow resistance, enabling the pump to move blood more efficiently.

ProtekSolo Arterial

Safety Enhanced. The Protek Arterial line of cannulae includes two must-have features. A stop ring to prevent over insertion and suture wings for secure attachment ot the patient.

ProtekSolo Venous

Arriving later this year, another cannula from the trusted Protek line.

TandemHeart Controller

An electromechanical system with a simple graphical user interface and controls to make patient management easier and safer.

  • Space-saving design weighs just 21 lbs and attaches to a standard IV pole or to the bedside using an integrated mounting bracket
  • Battery backup supports at least one hour of unplugged operation during patient transport
  • 100% redundant primary and back-up control mechanisms
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics while the patient is on support will alarm to notify the patient caregiver of any problems, reducing the need for constant operator surveillance