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Reinvented Respiratory Support.

Accelerate beyond the tools of the past; upgrade your patients to TandemLung and deliver advanced respiratory care for the 21st century.
ProtekDuo Cannula
TandemLung Oxygenator

TandemLung RA-PA Configuration with ProtekDuo

In the event of respiratory arrest, temporary support is critical in enabling physicians to assess patients’ conditions to determine the root cause and a longer term treatment strategy.  Historically initating emergent respiratory rescue has been difficult due to the complexity of the devices.

The TandemLung kit is designed to address two major roadblocks that have prevented emergent veno-venous cardiopulmonary bypass from becoming a new standard of care; the difficulty of initiating support, and the level of complexity of devices and patient management.

The TandemLung kit offers the ProtekDuo co-axial dual lumen cannula indicated for venous drainage and infusion as well as a quick prime membrane oxygenator & blood pump indicated for up to 6 hours of use.  TandemLung provides a “time to decide” strategy with short term support during the acute event.

The TandemLung kit components are indicated for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass up to 6 hours.


  • Right internal jugular vein insertion
  • Stable, RA-PA configuration to reduce recirculation
  • Pre-connected pump and oxygenator for quick priming
  • Shortest total circuit length on the market
  • Circuit organization with the VoyagerVest

TandemLung IVC-RA Configuration with ProtekDuo RD

Shorter. Faster. Simpler. The TandemLung RD is more than a cannula, it is an all-in-one ECLS solution designed for rapid respiratory support in minutes.

In emergent respiratory support, seconds count. The platform offers the versatility to move from the TandemLung RD in an emergent situation to a higher-level of support once stabilized.

The kit features a pre-assembled pump and oxygenator housed in a sterile priming basin along with the ProtekDuo RD cannula.

The single-use dual lumen cannula is wire reinforced to offer both venous drainage and reinfusion of the blood via the Right internal jugular vein. The unique cannula design features a 360 degree drainage return and distribution ports for focused support.

The TandemLung RD kit components are indicated for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass up to 6 hours.


  • Right internal jugular insertion
  • Ease in placement for quick stabilization
  • IVC-RA cannulation configuration
  • Wire reinforced cannula
  • Uniform drainage and distribution

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Kit Components

TandemHeart Pump

Experience bypass in the palm of your hand. The TandemHeart Pump can be used in the Cardiac Catherization Lab or the Operating Room in a vast variety of configurations

TandemLung Oxygenator

Think outside of the box. The TandemLung’s sleek design features patented radial flow technology lowering flow resistance, enabling the pump to move blood more efficiently.

ProtekDuo or ProtekDuo RD Cannula

The cannulae with all of the right moves. The ProtekDuo and ProtekDuo RD cannulae were designed to be implemented in multiple configurations. The patented omni-directional inflow/outflow port is designed to mitigate recirculation and provide 360-degree flow.

Priming Tray

The priming tray was designed to provide customers with a quick and repeatable priming process that can be implemented virtually anywhere and anytime TandemLife or TandemLung support is needed.

Voyager Vest

TandemLife has created the world's first and only wearable ECLS platform, helping you to organize your system for ease in patient management.

  • Three simple and easy-to-use components
  • Biocompatible vest placed over the shoulders maintains access to the chest
  • Custom-designed holster secures the TandemHeart pump, and TandemLung oxygenator
  • Detachable halo secures all 3/8” tubing without restricting head movement