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Reinvented Respiratory Support.

Accelerate beyond the tools of the past; upgrade your patients to TandemLung and deliver advanced respiratory care for the 21st century.

Why TandemLung?

190,000 Americans are affected by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) every year. Despite receiving therapy with mechanical ventilation, approximately 40% of ARDS patients will die as a result of the disease. Veno-venous extracorporeal life support (VV ECLS) is an emerging therapy designed to provide a higher level of support by infusing oxygen directly into the blood. The CESAR trial randomized 180 adult ARDS patients and the use of advanced VV ECLS therapy reduced the rate of death and disability by 31% compared to conventional management with mechanical ventilation.

The TandemLung Kit is designed to address two major roadblocks that have prevented VV ECLS therapy from becoming a new standard of care: the difficulty of initiating and maintaining a patient on VV ECLS support, and suboptimal gas exchange rates with devices that are currently available.


  • Right Internal Jugular vein insertion
  • Stable, RA-PA configuration to reduce recirculation
  • Quick priming pump and oxygenator easily exchanged
  • Shortest total circuit length on the market
  • Enhanced mobility when used with the Voyager Vest

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Included Products

TandemHeart Pump

Experience bypass in the palm of your hand. The TandemHeart Pump can be used in the Cardiac Catherization Lab or the Operating Room in a vast variety of configurations

TandemLung Oxygenator

Think outside of the box. The TandemLung’s sleek design features patented radial flow technology lowering flow resistance, enabling the pump to move blood more efficiently.

ProtekDuo Cannula

The cannula with all of the right moves. Protek Duo is designed to be implemented in multiple configurations. The patented omni-directional inflow/outflow ports mitigate recirculation and provide 360-degree flow.

Voyager Vest

(Not included in kit, vest sold separately)
The world’s only wearable extracorporeal life support platform. The Voyager Vest is the first system designed to reduce the chaos of the average cardiopulmonary bypass system. Three custom designed components combine to create an organized system.

TandemHeart Controller

An electromechanical system with a simple graphical user interface and controls to make patient management easier and safer.

  • Space-saving design weighs just 21 lbs and attaches to a standard IV pole or to the bedside using an integrated mounting bracket
  • Battery backup supports at least one hour of unplugged operation during patient transport
  • 100% redundant primary and back-up control mechanisms
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics while the patient is on support will alarm to notify the patient caregiver of any problems, reducing the need for constant operator surveillance